Welcome to “Philosophy Gets Real”

This is a static home page. This means that everyone who visits this site will see this page first, every time. I want the homepage to work this way so that everyone gets a handle on what this site is for and how it works before they navigate through particular posts. If you wish to skip this page to find my most recent posts, or to navigate the site in other ways, look either to the column that runs along the right-hand side of this page or to the less comprehensive menus that run across the top of the page (below the photo).

What the site is for:

I’ve decided that it’s a good idea to write about philosophy, education, about what I’m reading, and where I’m headed in my drawn-out thinking…

On this site, you’ll find:

  1. Philosophical material that is rough as well as material that is more polished. I am hoping to get feedback on both, if folks feel like commenting. The goal here will be to apply philosophical reasoning to important social, political, and/or ethical topics – to show the relevance and helpfulness of philosophy applied to real life. I’ll also be linking you to basic explanations of philosophical concepts that I don’t explain in detail in a given post, or to direct you to other sites where other philosophy-minded folks are writing about topics that are relevant to the post you are reading.
  2. What I’m calling ‘memos’ about teaching philosophy to undergraduates or teaching in other contexts. I will say a bit about what has worked well for me, about what hasn’t worked so well for me, and about what I’m thinking about trying in the classroom. My experience is limited to a few dozen courses taught, and I’m always looking for suggestions about the things that I post in this category as well.
  3. Occasionally, I’ll also post photos that I’ve taken on my travels.

Please visit the About Me page to learn about me and the Site Policies page to learn about my practices in administering this site.

Thanks for visiting!


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