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Stepping Out on a Limb in Gamification

So as not to bury the lead, I made some big changes in my ever-changing classroom this past week. This was the first week of what I hope will be many weeks of adding game elements to a classroom in … Continue reading

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The Plebs and NCSS 2018

This year, I’m making my first visit to the National Council for the Social Studies conference. On Saturday, I’m presenting some materials to attendees around a group of lessons I have built around a simulation activity to help kids learn … Continue reading

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Learning to Like What We Do Not Like (bootstrapping preferences)

Sometimes, we just like what we like. Our preferences have real costs (and benefits, to be sure). If we don’t like a subject in school, at any level, we struggle to find what typically counts as success. It feels difficult, … Continue reading

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The Grand Tour, Revitalized

For quite a long time, particularly in Victorian-era England and in the upper echelons of society in the United States, children of well-to-do families set out (or were sent out, more accurately put) upon lengthy grand tours of Continental Europe. … Continue reading

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Learning to Think Like a Kid (Teaching Memo)

For the past year, I have been teaching the fifth grade. It is a departure far from teaching college students about Plato, Kant, James, and Arendt. However, I have been very pleasantly surprised and accordingly have learned a lot in … Continue reading

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